Our Zoom Meeting for the first portion of the church service will start at 10:20 a.m.  If you deleted the email for the Zoom Invitation, the link for the live portion of the service is:

Meeting ID: 723 561 453
Password: 017174

After the live zoom meeting, the recorded portion of the church service is in the following You Tube playlist.

If you watch the sermon early (or plan to watch it later), please try to join us for the 10:20 zoom meeting if you can so we can say hello and share how we are doing. 
Also feel free to invite others to join us as we worship God who is worthy of all our adoration and love, who is mighty to save, and grants us forgiveness for our sins through faith in his only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Don’t forget to give them both the link and password.

Morning Sermon

April 5, 2020 – Titus 2:11-14.
The Grace of God.
Nathan Stuller.

Old Testament Scripture Reading

March 15, 2020 – Micah 6.

Evening Sermon

 March 15, 2020 – Titus 3b-5..
 Teach and Train.
 Nathan Stuller.

Dear Church Family,
Governor Pritzker has issued an executive order banning any gathering of any number of people outside of a single household, beginning tomorrow evening and lasting through at least April 7th, which includes the next three Sundays.
While the government does not have the authority to prohibit the gathering of the Church, out of a desire to demonstrate love towards our neighbors at risk from COVID-19 and to show our respect for the governing authorities, we will suspend our gatherings for the next three weeks.
If, during these weeks, you find yourself in need of anything, please let us know, and we will do everything we can to help you.
While we may record and share sermons online, we encourage you not to depend upon the internet for your spiritual nourishment during this time.  Personal and Family Worship is vital at all times, and especially so when the church cannot gather, and we will be sharing resources online to help you in these disciplines.
It is also vital that we continue to exhort and encourage one another in the faith, and we encourage you to take the effort to stay in communication with each other, whether through text message, phone calls, video chats, or letters.
Finally, we remind you that nothing, including pandemics, can prevent us from praying, and God from hearing our prayers.  Pray for your health, pray for our church, pray for your neighbors, and pray for our world.
Pray that God would be merciful to us all, and that many would be brought by the terror of this disease to repent of their sin and find eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Your servant in Christ,

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About Us

Sojourn Church’s driving commitment is to glorify God according to His Word.  More than large, more than ‘successful’, more than influential, we want to be faithful and Biblical.

We believe that the most faithful understanding of the Bible is found within the Reformed and Baptist traditions.  To that end, we have adopted the 1689 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith as our church confession of faith.  While it is not inspired or inerrant, we do believe it to be a faithful summation of the teachings of Scripture.

We would also consider ourselves to be either largely or totally in agreement with the following confessions of faith:

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Abstract of Principles

The New Hampshire Confession of Faith

The Baptist Faith and Message

A copy of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith in updated language is available here.

The church covenant, which describes the commitment that church members make to each other, is found here.

We cooperate in our mission with the Illinois Baptist State Association, the Southern Baptist Convention, IX Marks, the Founder’s Conference, and To Every Tribe.

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